Not Lucky…Blessed

6-DSCF4176Not Lucky…Blessed

I came across several different versions of this on Pinterest and just had to make my own.

I had a few horseshoes laying around and my brother just replaced his fence. He gifted me with the old wood. Score!

2-DSCF4162After making stencils with my Cricut I was ready to rock and roll.

3-DSCF4163Quick and simple! I love these kind of projects.

7-DSCF4180After a little stenciling, I attached the shoes with E6000. To secure them really well, I drilled holes through the nail holes in the shoes and used wire to hold them in place.

5-DSCF4174A couple of sawtooth hangers on the back and these gems were done.


Shabby Chic “LOVE” Sign

Shabby Chic "LOVE" SignShabby Chic “LOVE” Sign

Another window of opportunity. The temperature today was in the 50s and it was sunny. Tomorrow’s weather takes a header again, so I took advantage of today’s reprieve.

4-DSCF2874A new sign was just busting to come to life. I started by making a stencil with my Cricut. If you don’t have a Cricut or die cutting machine, printing enlarged letters from your computer will also work. Just choose a font and go for it. Use a craft knife to remove an “L”, “V”, and “E” from the paper. Btw, I use card stock for my stencils. It will last for several projects. I also cut a heart shape for the “O”.

1-DSCF2867I taped the letter stencils together and measured the size needed for the sign base. Back out to the wood pile I went for a couple of boards.

2-DSCF2869After cutting two boards to the length needed, I attached braces to the back to hold it all together.

3-DSCF2872I dry-brushed the front and side edges with a tan paint.

5-DSCF2875The letters were stenciled on with white paint.

6-DSCF2880I lightly traced the heart shape using a pencil. I know it’s kinda hard to see that in the pic, but trust me, it’s there.

Now, I will admit I made the coiled, fabric flowers a couple of days ago when it was cold. They are an easy, watching-tv, project.

7-DSCF2900I arranged the flowers inside the traced heart shape until I had complete coverage, then one by one I applied glue to the backs. I love hot glue, but just to be sure the flowers don’t come off later, I used a combination of craft glue and hot glue to attach.

Sawtooth hangers were added to the back, at the top of each brace.


Graduation Sign From Campaign Sign

5-DSCN5974Graduation Decor From Campaign Sign

I live on rural property just off a highway that gets a lot of traffic everyday. We get many requests for posting campaign signs. No matter the party, we will usually approve the requests as long as the opposing parties respect the property (signs) of the other. This is not a political post. Absolutely not. I do not and will not talk politics. Enough said.

1-DSCN5961This sign is one that blew down during the last campaign. It was blown to an area of our yard that wasn’t noticeable during the fall, but now that spring is kinda here, we found it. I decided to recycle it for my son’s graduation party.

My son’s school colors are blue and white. Since I had a gallon of royal blue paint, I painted one side of the sign to cover up the campaign lettering. It took two coats. It probably could have used another, but for what I am going to use it for, I think two is kinda perfect.

DSCN0892I found a Dr. Seuss quote I liked, so I cut my own stencils using my Cricut and the Jubilee cartridge. I set the size at 5 inches and used ordinary card stock. You may remember my Rustic Stenciled Signs. The stencils were made in the same way. I connected the center of letters like the “O” using thin slivers of masking tape to bridge the center of the letter with the outside.

2-DSCN5965The rustic signs used one word. This was a little different. I was making an entire quote. I cut out each word individually (two if they were short words) so that each word had a common upper border.

4-DSCN5970Did I just confuse you? I kinda confused myself, so it’s okay to say “yes”. What I mean by common upper border, is that I was able to connect the words together with the top edge even. That way the line, or sentence, would be even. I used index cards to space each word. Masking tape was used to attach everything together.

Once I had each line created, I placed them on the sign. The lines were measured, spaced and taped.

5-DSCN5974When I finished stenciling the quote I felt it was a little sparse. It needed something more, so I added a border. Please excuse the shadow from the electrical line across the sign. I didn’t notice it while I was taking the photo. Oh well…just keeping it real. 😉