Summer Sign and Porch Decor

Recycling junk and DIYing it into fun holiday decor is a great way to decorate without breaking the bank.

This sign actually has double duty appeal for me. The back is my carrot for my spring decor. This two-in-one approach is a favorite of mine, mainly because it takes up less space to store when both seasons are over.

Since the beginning of summer signals the end of school I wanted to give this decoration a chalkboard, vintage sign look. I heavily dry brushed it using black paint.

Then to the fun part. Santa gifted me with a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and I have been having a blast making new sign stencils. I had always used my Cricut to make stencils, but it was very limiting. The online software was not very user friendly, didn’t have a lot of inexpensive alternatives and ALWAYS locked up my computer. I finally uninstalled it and worked with cartridges, but they had limits too. They were expensive and usually only had one alphabet font or image collection type per cartridge. Designing with them was only possible after the letters or images were cut. AND they wouldn’t let me cut stencils that were ready to use. I had to manually make bridges for each letter after it was cut and before it was removed from the cutting mat. It. Took. Forever.

And then I found my new love…the Silhouette Cameo. I am able to design and manipulate my stencils using any font (or mix of fonts) and images. The design studio allows me to add the stencil bridges before cutting and (best of all) I can save design work to my library. Whenever I need to make a new cut of the same design, I don’t have to start from scratch. I get an exact duplicate.

That being said, I did make this particular stencil in two sections because I knew they would be spaced apart on the sign board and I didn’t want to waste paper on the empty space. I used a different font for each section because I thought it enhanced the vintage look. Since the sign was so big I also cut in sub-sections to accommodate the size paper I used…regular 12″ square card stock. After cutting I simply matched up the cuts and taped them together.

Then the really easy peasy stuff…stenciling. Nothing to it.

I added the sign to my other decorations to complete my summer porch.