A Western Revival

5-DSCF1295Western Revival

1-DSCF0959If anything needed revived, it was this nightstand. The paint color and application was…um…interesting. Now I can’t say I don’t like green, after all, I just used a similar shade on the eaves of my shutter birdhouses, but this shade did not appeal to me. Actually I cursed this awful paint color as I sanded and sanded and sanded and…

Have I mentioned how much I hate to sand? The worst part was the drawer sides. Yep, they had been painted green and were causing the drawer to stick and stutter. Technically I could have lightly sanded the sides and painted over the green sides, but in our Kansas humidity it would have continued to have a sticking issue. I ended up completely sanding off the green from the sides of the drawer.

2-DSCF1283That was enough of that! The rest of the nightstand got the light sanding and new paint painted over the old. A barn red paint started the western revival. I still battled the humidity, though. After overnight drying, the nightstand was still tacky. I rubbed it down with baby powder to draw out some of the moisture, then I mixed a little P of P into my paint and gave it one more coat. The surface felt much better.

3-DSCF1288I added a few stenciled stars to the top of the nightstand for more western charm.

4-DSCF1292The old knob just didn’t seem “western” enough, so I added an iron star and bronze/black knob.


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Ornaments for the Craft Show

I always have some ornaments left from the previous year, but I also like to add something new and to replenish things that sold well in the past.

5-DSCN7317Barbed Wire Star Ornament

I found a bundle of barbed wire during my cleaning spree this summer. Actually, I found more hanging on the pasture fence next to the barn, and more inside the barn. I only used one bundle, but they sold so well, I will definitely be saving the rest of the wire for more ornaments in the future.

Barbed wire isn’t the easiest stuff to work with, but once I found the right tool…a bolt cutter…it was a piece of cake.

1-DSCN7312Necktie Angels

I made one of these last year for a tutorial.

2-DSCN7313I didn’t have all the supplies I needed to make a lot for craft shows last year, so this year while junking I collected more ties and doilies to make a whole choir.

7-DSCN7321Salt Shaker Angels

I also made these salt shaker angels last year. They sold out. I didn’t think I had anymore shakers, but during my wonderful cleaning spree I found a box that I had stashed and forgot about. It was like opening a Christmas present in July. 🙂

8-DSCN7323Santa Belly Rings

This idea wasn’t mine. I found it while blog surfing one day, but I can’t remember where. My apologies to the original designer.

The idea stuck in my head when I saw it, but I’m sure my technique would make the designer cringe. I used what I had, which I am sure didn’t resemble much of the original “supplies needed” list. I had a bag with an assortment of rings. There were brass rings, shower rings, plastic rings and round frames. They were all different sizes and different thicknesses. I used a pipe cleaner for the belt and made buckles from clay.

9-DSCN7327Santa’s Union Suit

Also a hit last year. The flap on the back opens so that candy or a small gift can be tucked away inside. You can find my pattern and tutorial here.


By the way, the craft show this past weekend was a success. I don’t have anymore shows planned before Christmas because of family things that may happen. They might not happen either, but because of the unknown I can’t commit to more shows this year. I am continuing to sell things locally so that I can still make what I normally do each year and to bring my inventory back down to a manageable size for storage. I guess if there’s a will there’s a way.

Quick Patriotic Tutes

Are you ready for a relaxing holiday weekend with family and friends?

With that in mind, I decided to post the links to a few of my patriotic tutorials.

Have fun and enjoy!

Primitive Applique Flag Pillows-Mini

Sew Patriotic Coasters From Scrap Fabric

Primitive Star Bowl Fillers

Sew a Chenille Flag Throw Pillow-Long

Sew Patriotic Favor Bags

Blue Jean Independence Day Banner

Transform a Book Into a Flag Decoration

Primitive Fabric Summer Bowl Fillers

Have a great weekend!

Door Panel Sign-Giddy Up

This sign was made from one of the salvaged doors from The House. The rails, stiles and mullions (the framing around the panel inserts) had come apart, leaving me with door pieces, rather than an actual door.

There was a crack that ran part way through the length, making the panel kind of unstable. I filled the crack with wood glue, and that seemed to do the trick.

I was originally going to stain the wood, but I wasn’t sure how well the stain would look in the areas that had been glued. I decided paint was probably a better option. Wow, could that old wood suck up the paint. I applied three coats for even coverage. The paint succeeded in making the panel even stronger, so it was a good decision.

The front surface and the edges were hand-sanded to make the newly painted panel look old again.

I used my Cricut to cut a stencil. I then stenciled “Giddy Up” on the raised (inner) portion of the panel.

I stained three wooden stars of differing sizes and attached them to the board with rusty baling wire.

I also used baling wire to make the handle.

Off to work on more…

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite SpecialThe Shabby Nest

you are talking too much



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The Country/Western Star

I think this table would be perfect in country, ranch or cabin decor. Yippee ki-yay!

Country/Western Table

I found the table at an auction. One of the curly handles was missing. Nobody wanted it, so the auctioneer offered it to me. Hey, don’t judge me! It was free! As I was toting it to my car, I noticed something on the ground. It was the missing handle. Yep, it was meant to be.

I reattached the handle, added numerous screws that were missing and used wood filler to fill in and smooth out a multitude of problems. Once the structure of the table was repaired, the transformation was ready to begin.

I sanded the table…and sanded the table…and sanded the table. Have I ever mentioned how much I despise sanding?

I had this barn red paint I was excited to try. My son thought it was funny that I was painting a brown table red, when a couple of weeks ago I painted a red chair brown. What? Hey kid, this is technical stuff!

I liked it, but it needed more something, something. I stenciled several white stars of differing sizes on the table’s top. Feeling a bit quirky, I clustered them all together and off center.

Time for aging. Yes, it was old looking when I started, but my way allows it to look old gracefully. I sanded the painted surface. I don’t mind this kind of sanding. It’s usually pretty quick. Once cleaned up, I applied a light brown paint-stain.

And she’s done!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special
you are talking too much />