Antiqued Western End Table

6-DSCF4680Antiqued Western End Table

1-DSCF4398I picked up this little gem a few weeks ago at auction. Okay, “gem” may be too strong of a word, but let’s just say I saw potential.

2-DSCF4641Paint. Yep, I love me some paint. After sanding, I gave the table a couple coats of white paint.

3-DSCF4654I, of course, had to give it my sanding treatment to make it look old again.

5-DSCF4689I bought this vintage blanket/bedspread at the same auction and it served as the inspiration for the design I added to the table. It reminds me of the stripes on old grain sacks.

4-DSCF4662I painted the stripes on the shelf top and the table top. The front and sides seemed like too much, so I left them plain.

And then there are some days I shouldn’t be allowed to pick up a paintbrush or stain rag. That was the day I when I applied an antique stain to the table. I had run out of the stain I usually use so I grabbed one off my shelf that I thought was similar. OMG! It was horrible! It just made the table look dirty. Not the cool-antique-kinda-dirty, but the yellow-greasy-needs-a-scrub-brush-sorta-dirty. (Don’t go looking for the pics of this disaster. I deleted them to protect my restyling cred. 😉 So…

6-DSCF4680After spending a couple of days trying to convince myself it looked fine, I couldn’t take it anymore. Did I learn from my mistake? Uhm, no. Instead of going to the store and buying the stain I knew would work, I convinced myself I needed something darker to cover the horrible mistake of the first stain. The change was so dramatic that I cursed and mumbled under my breath the whole time I was applying it.

And then something wonderful happened. The clouds parted, the sun came out and I could hear angels singing. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but…It looked good! I was going for just an antiqued finish, but I ended up with an antiqued western finish. Yay, me! That’ll work!


1940s Child’s Table-Restyled

10-DSCF39061940s Child’s Table-Restyled

01-DSCF3745This is the ugly duckling this table started out as. I picked it up a few weeks ago at a yard sale. The owners told me it had been the children’s art table in their grandmother’s house. It had been in the family since the 1940’s. Yep, it showed. Most people would not and did not give this pitiful piece of furniture a second look. That’s probably why I got it for a steal, although I am pretty sure the previous owners were laughing hilariously as I drove away with it. That’s okay…I’m kinda used to that reaction. :)

03-DSCF3751After I got it home I did have second, third and fifty-leven thoughts on whether I could actually restyle it into something fabulous.

02-DSCF3746The taped legs were a dead give away that they had huge problems.

The table-top was covered with a piece of linoleum (also probably from the 40s). Another issue was the large knot-hole.

I started by removing the linoleum. Sounds simple, right? Uh, no. This took me about three days working on it off and on. I don’t know what was used to glue the linoleum down, but it did not want to give it up. I finally got the linoleum removed and then I used a belt sander to remove the old petrified glue.

Then there was that big knot-hole. I attached a thin piece of wood to the underside of the table to cover the hole. That gave the hole a “floor”. I had a pile of sawdust that I hadn’t cleaned up from a previous woodworking project and it became the inspiration for my hole filler. I mixed the sawdust with wood glue and packed it into the hole. After it dried I re-sanded the table-top to blend.

05-DSCF3871When the tape came off of the legs it was apparent they were too old and rickety to salvage. Replacing them was the only option.

04-DSCF3869Taking the old ones off was no easy feat. This is the bowl of nails, screws and bolts that I pulled out of the legs. Incredible! I don’t think any of them was a match to another.

The castors did not look original to the table and they were a bit of a pain. I felt like I was constantly chasing the table as I was working on it. I cut the new legs long enough to compensate for the removed casters.

06-DSCF3899There were so many holes (from the removed nails and such) and scars on this table that I wasn’t quite sure what kind of finish would look best. I liked the flaws and I wanted to retain the history of the table. I began with a fresh coat of red paint over the entire thing. After closing one eye and squinting the other I had a light bulb moment. Crackle!

07-DSCF3901One side at a time, I applied white glue and white paint to crackle.

09-DSCF3911Working off and on, it took me two days. I think it was worth it.

08-DSCF3913I added a handle to the drawer to complete the project.


Octagonal End Table Restyle

5-DSCF3829Octagonal End Table Restyle

1-DSCF3778This little gem was found at a yard sale this past weekend. It was quite a score as they were practically giving it away. Why was it such a score? Well, it was barely standing on its own. It had missing screws and screws that very loose. It also had a few chips on the underside of the tabletop that needed to be filled. Lastly, it was filthy and in need of a thorough sanding.

I was tickled once I had it completely repaired and prepped for painting. I could actually see the ugly duckling turning into a swan.

2-DSCF3815I chose black paint for the base and tan for the tabletop. I love it so much I might be using that paint color combination a lot more.

4-DSCF3823As always it still needed a little more something-something. I cut a fleur-de-lis stencil using my Cricut…

3-DSCF3819…and stenciled it using black paint in the center of the tabletop.

6-DSCF3830A light sanding on top of the table and a rougher sanding on the legs created the finishing touches to this restyle.


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Poker Table Redo

14-Poker Table 704x960-012Poker Table Redo

A project from my youngest apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. This proud “tree” has now officially instilled the merits of turning junk into gems to all her “apples”.

01-Poker Table 704x960While my youngest (Colby) was home from school for Christmas break he snagged this old poker table that a friend was going to toss out. He just knew it would be a treasure.

04-Poker Table 704x960-003It turned out that taking the thing apart was a project all on its own.

05-Poker Table 704x960-004The whole family got involved with the transformation, but Colby did the bulk of the work.

09-Poker Table 704x960-008The legs were attached to the board and the rim slid over the edges of the board. Everything was attached with rivets.

11-Poker Table 704x960-010There was no salvaging the board so a new piece of plywood was purchased and cut…

…and reattached to the legs.

07-Poker Table 704x960-006New plastic feet were also added to the legs.

08-Poker Table 704x960-007The new board was slightly thinner than the original because green felt was going to be used instead of paint.

12-Poker Table 720x960The edge of the board and the felt had to slide into the rim of the table. We sprayed the board with adhesive and smoothed the felt over it.

13-Poker Table 704x960-011Reattaching the rim was challenging. Even though we purchased a thinner board, the fit was still very tight. After struggling for a bit, we finally decided to widen the groove in the metal rim by bending it with pliers. Whew! Much better!

14-Poker Table 704x960-012Enjoy!

Restyling the Front Stoop

12-DSCN6787Restyling the Front Stoop

Well, I should probably just say “styling” as I have never styled it before. Gasp!

Let me explain.

09-DSCN6777My house was built in 1907. Things have evolved a lot since then.  There is not parking or a driveway in front of the house, but we can still see faint evidence that a driveway may have been there in the past. The front faces the road, but is hidden from view by trees. The driveway that is here now comes off the road, winds through the barns and ends up at the back of the house. Absolutely everybody comes to our backdoor. There really isn’t anything that hints where the front door is.

Sooo…for years we haven’t given it much thought…until now. I decided it needed a little sprucing up. It just looked lonely and sad.

06-DSCN6769The area is secluded, but the size of the stoop has always stumped me. It’s so small. Finally I came up with an idea that would expand beyond the stoop. Since it would be a good place to curl up with a book, I worked a chair into the design. I’ll have more on this chair in a later post.

05-DSCN6767But if there is a chair, it really needs a table to set a drink on. This is one of my tables that I just covered with wood and dry brushed.

01-DSCN6753The table frame was picked up at a yard sale.

02-DSCN6761I covered the top with pallet wood…

05-DSCN6767…then dry brushed.

08-DSCN6774The ugly pole on the side of the house had to stay. (See before picture.) It is my satellite wifi connection. I built the ladder around the “eye” that picks up the signal from the coop down the road.

03-DSCN6763A simple project with pallet wood…

…and dry brushed.

04-DSCN6765But the stoop was still bare so I dry brushed a plant pot and stand that had been gathering dust and taking up space in the garage.

07-DSCN6771The flowers are just something I grabbed to finish the setting, but I’m thinking fall mums will be perfect in about a month or so.

15-DSCN6790Lastly, I repainted the door frame and added a simple wreath made from bed springs.


17-DSCN6792I think this little lady approves.