Restyled 9-Drawer Desk

Restyled 9-Drawer DeskRestyled 9-Drawer Desk

1-DSCF1571I found this little gem (ahem) on a recent junking weekend with my husband.

2-DSCF1570-001First off, the knobs had to go. They were obviously a replacement for missing handles…and they looked ridiculous in pairs on each drawer.

Next came sanding. It became very clear that all my sanding and patching techniques were not going to create a perfectly smooth surface. This desk had history it just wasn’t willing to give up. That’s okay. Even if I don’t know the life of my junking pieces, I kinda like them to have a few scars that can still tell a story…even if I have to imagine it.

3-DSCF1658The entire desk got a couple of coats of white paint. It really needed that fresh clean base. A lot of people probably would have stopped there, but it was boring. It also magnified every imperfection in the surface.

I decided on a layered, dry brushed technique. I dry brushed a layer of brown paint over the entire surface of the desk…and then I almost cried. It looked so ugly. I was sure I had made a mistake, but I continued. The next dry brushed layer was grey paint. Oh my! Did I lose my mind? I had to keep reminding myself it was just paint and could be painted over.

5-DSCF1695The next and final dry brushed layer was white paint. Woo Hoo!!! I could finally breathe. That final layer blended all the colors together and gave the surface a beautiful misty finish that I loved. I am so glad I didn’t turn back after adding the first layer. No guts, no glory!

7-DSCF1700I found some drawer handles in my hardware stash that fit perfectly. They were all sanded and got a makeover with the white paint.

6-DSCF1697Lining inserts cut from wallpaper provided the finishing touch for the drawers.


Headboard Restyle to Country Chic Shelf

4-DSCF1671Headboard Restyle to Country Chic Shelf

1-DSCF1401I bought this shelf from a friend a few years ago. She said it was a headboard, but that’s not what I saw. I envisioned rows of hens tucked cozily in nests laying eggs. Okay, I didn’t really plan on putting chickens in/on the shelf, but that’s what it reminded me of.

2-DSCF1666After cleaning, sanding and securing a few of the vertical dividers that were floating kinda crazily above the middle shelf, I dry brushed the entire thing using white paint.

3-DSCF1668My stash of salvaged chicken wire was the perfect addition for the back of the shelf. The wire was also brushed with the white paint.

I moved the hangers on the back of the shelf because their location didn’t make sense to me. The way they were attached meant the headboard would have been hung with the long slanted side on the bottom. A slanted shelf headboard with a gap on the bottom and no back would have just frustrated me.

4-DSCF1671No problem. My vision had the slant on the top like a roof. Perfect for a stenciled country sign.


Cupboard Door Art

2-DSCF1424New decor for the master bedroom.

For my birthday in May, a friend gifted me with calenders that featured sheet music book covers. Even though I have authentic vintage sheet music books, I loved the vibrant colors and pristine graphics of the calender pages.

1-DSCF1404I had the perfect base for decoupaging a couple of these covers to. An old cupboard door.

After a bit of elbow grease and removal of some of the hardware, I was ready to rock and roll. I couldn’t get the hinges off, and I didn’t want to wait until a son or husband came home, so I decided to leave them attached as embellishment for the “art” piece.

A little paint gave the old surface a much cleaner appearance. I did the entire surface with off white and and then a dry brush of white over the outer frame.1-DSCF1414Two calender pages fit perfectly inside the frame. I applied several coats of Mod Podge to seal and build up the smooth surface.

2-DSCF1424A couple of sawtooth hangers were attached to the back for hanging.


Old Trunk Restyled

3-Adrian's Trunk 3Old Trunk Restyled

They say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”…hmm…okay, as I show you this project that my oldest son completed you are probably nodding your head in agreement. Well, that statement may be true, but my oldest is my stepson. Not blood-of-my-blood, but I think my turning trash into treasures has rubbed off on him. Actually, this isn’t the first time it’s happened, and I am so proud of each new instance.

Please keep in mind that my son did not know I would be posting his pics on my blog when he took them. He sent me photos of the trunk in different stages, and I am sure they were taken quickly with his phone. That said, I think you can still see the amazing transformation of his junk find.

1-Adrian's Trunk 1This is where he started. Both the outside needed a makeover…

2-Adrian's Trunk 2…as well as the inside.

1-Adrian's Trunk 6The outside was sanded down to bare metal. He then masked off where needed and primed the trunk’s outer surface.

3-Adrian's Trunk 3Then he painted and clear coated the trunk.

7-Adrian's Trunk 7Here’s a really clever part. He used an old belt and kitchen handles to rebuild the trunk’s handles.

4-Adrian's Trunk 4For the finishing touch on this fabulous transformation, he scraped off the old paper lining and decoupaged pages of a road atlas to the inside.

One last repair was to add chain for support.

He did a great job!



Faux French Grain Sack Pillows

10-DSCF1367Faux French Grain Sack Pillows

I have drooled over other blogs with beautiful grain sack pillows, but I have never been lucky enough to find a good deal on the sacks. I have never found them at auctions or yard sales, so I regularly check Ebay for affordable listings. No such luck. Ebay has plenty of listings, just not at a price that I’m willing to pay.

03-DSCF1338While visiting my husband’s brother and his wife in Nebraska last fall, I went junking in a few little shops that surround the town square. I found ag grass seed sacks for $1 in one of the shops and grabbed a few. At that time I really didn’t have a plan for them, but I figured for $1 a piece I could use the fabric for something. With packing and moving shortly after that, I kinda forgot I even had them01-DSCF1328.Since I had no real attachment to the throw pillows on my couch (they just weren’t anything special) I had been looking for an idea to inspire me to change them. My outdated couch has kept me from making this a priority. I figured why change them before getting a new couch. Well, I just haven’t found the right couch yet…so, time for new pillows.

02-DSCF1334These pillows actually came with our love seat. The solid tan side matches the seat, but the weird animal print side…meh, not so much. Don’t judge me.

04-DSCF1342I restuffed the pillows, then covered them with white fabric to cover the color and designs of the fabric.

I was able to cut three pillows from each sack.

09-DSCF1364Some red paint and a little bit of time transformed the fabric into French striped grain sacks.

08-DSCF1361AND I have convinced myself that they make my outdated couch look better! ;) Well, sorta.



Embracing Change

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