Christmas Wine Bottle Decorations

Christmas Wine BottlesChristmas Wine Bottle Decorations

Don’t throw your empties away!

Check out my new tutorial article for five wine bottle projects. Decorate your home or make several to give as gifts.

You can find the article here.

Make Your Own Craft Paint and Glue Mediums

y702As a crafter there are many supplies and products I need to achieve the desired results. Manufacturers are only too happy sell me the products I need…, but wait! These things can get quite expensive. The following recipes and/or techniques are what I have come up with for making artificial snow paint, crackle paint and decoupage glue mediums. The retail price of anyone of these products is very expensive for a very small bottle or jar. My recipes cost pennies and provide enormous savings at the cash register.

y692I used the snow paint medium for the beard and hair on my Santa Measuring Spoons.

Artificial Snow Paint Medium

Things You Will Need:

Foam ball
Serrated knife
Paper plate
White acrylic paint
Craft glue
Measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Small mixing bowl

Step 1
Cut a foam ball in half using a serrated knife. Hold the two halves over a paper plate and rub them against each other to cause the foam to flake off. Keep rubbing until you have at least a 1/2 cup of foam flakes.

Step 2
In a small mixing bowl, measure and pour in 1/2 cup of foam flakes, 2 tablespoons white acrylic paint and 1/4 cup craft glue. With a spoon, combine the ingredients thoroughly.

That’s it! Really! Apply the snow paint in the same way as the store bought version.

Add water to thin, and more foam flakes if your want to thicken.

y705I used my crackle paint medium on a gourd to transform it into a fall pumpkin. While a round surface has its challenges, it can still be done.

Crackle Paint Medium

Things You Will Need:

Paint, two colors
White school glue

Step 1
Paint your project using your chosen base coat color. Allow the paint to dry. The base coat will show through the cracks of the topcoat color.

Step 2
Work on one side of your project at a time. Position this side flat and facing up. This will prevent the glue from running during application. Apply a thick layer of white school glue to this surface.

Step 3
Apply the topcoat color to the wet glue. Using a hairdryer, dry the paint and the glue. The topcoat and glue will crackle as it dries.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all sides of the project have been crackled.

y524I use my decoupage glue medium on a lot of projects. This is one where I decoupaged sheet music inside of an old suitcase.

Decoupage Glue Medium

Things You Will Need:

White glue

This recipe is so simple, I feel guilty calling it a recipe. There isn’t even enough information to warrant actual steps. Simply mix equal amounts of white glue and water in a jar, shake to mix and start decoupaging.

Depending on the use of your finished product, it may need to be sealed. That’s okay, you had to do that with the name brand mediums too.

Tip: Stock up on white school glue during the back-to-school sales.


Blast from the Past: Fall Projects

1-Blast from the PastBlast from the Past: Fall Projects

Wow! Halloween totally flew by!

I’ve had unexpected family emergencies and family obligations the last few weeks that have kept me away from the blog. My efforts have all been put into keeping up with my paying gigs so blogging had to go to the bottom of the list.

Things aren’t completely back to normal yet, but all work and no play makes me cranky.

I’ve been working on new projects for Christmas tutorials and Christmas craft shows. Those things will be popping in here soon, but until they do, I thought I would post a little blast from the past.

These fall project tutorials are some of my favorites from the past.

2-Fabric Tube PumpkinsFabric Tube Pumpkins

1-Chenille Fabric Tube PumpkinsI also used the Fabric Tube Pumpkin Tutorial to make the chenille pumpkins.

3-Pumpkin GourdCrackle Painted Gourd

4-Fall LadderFall Ladder

5-Wool jar ornieCanning Jar Gift Container Decorated with Wool Ornies

6-new-crochet-pumpkin-appliqueCrochet a Pumpkin Applique

7-Fall Table RunnerFall Table Runner

Click on the highlighted titles to take you to the posts.


Restyling the Front Stoop

12-DSCN6787Restyling the Front Stoop

Well, I should probably just say “styling” as I have never styled it before. Gasp!

Let me explain.

09-DSCN6777My house was built in 1907. Things have evolved a lot since then.  There is not parking or a driveway in front of the house, but we can still see faint evidence that a driveway may have been there in the past. The front faces the road, but is hidden from view by trees. The driveway that is here now comes off the road, winds through the barns and ends up at the back of the house. Absolutely everybody comes to our backdoor. There really isn’t anything that hints where the front door is.

Sooo…for years we haven’t given it much thought…until now. I decided it needed a little sprucing up. It just looked lonely and sad.

06-DSCN6769The area is secluded, but the size of the stoop has always stumped me. It’s so small. Finally I came up with an idea that would expand beyond the stoop. Since it would be a good place to curl up with a book, I worked a chair into the design. I’ll have more on this chair in a later post.

05-DSCN6767But if there is a chair, it really needs a table to set a drink on. This is one of my tables that I just covered with wood and dry brushed.

01-DSCN6753The table frame was picked up at a yard sale.

02-DSCN6761I covered the top with pallet wood…

05-DSCN6767…then dry brushed.

08-DSCN6774The ugly pole on the side of the house had to stay. (See before picture.) It is my satellite wifi connection. I built the ladder around the “eye” that picks up the signal from the coop down the road.

03-DSCN6763A simple project with pallet wood…

…and dry brushed.

04-DSCN6765But the stoop was still bare so I dry brushed a plant pot and stand that had been gathering dust and taking up space in the garage.

07-DSCN6771The flowers are just something I grabbed to finish the setting, but I’m thinking fall mums will be perfect in about a month or so.

15-DSCN6790Lastly, I repainted the door frame and added a simple wreath made from bed springs.


17-DSCN6792I think this little lady approves.


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FaveCrafts has tons of free eBooks for just about any DIY or craft method imaginable. I was thrilled to find out my Upcycled Denim Tote Bag and my Repurposed Fabric Tote were both featured in FaveCrafts new eBook-How to Make a Purse: 20 Patterns for Sewing Totes, Bags and More. It’s FREE!

9-patch jean tote  (1)Upcycled DenimTote Bag

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trapezoid tote 5Repurposed Fabric Tote

Repurpose an old velvet wall hanging and turn it into a tote. Easy fabric crafts like this one are perfect for beginners but look sophisticated at the same time. Choose fabric with a vibrant pattern so your bag stands out from the crowd.

The book is available for download here:

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