Upcycled Ladder

6-DSCF0521Upcycled Ladder

1-DSCF0404This huge ladder almost didn’t make the move from the old house to this one. Finding a place to store it until I got around to restyling it was a big consideration.

Ultimately I couldn’t stand leaving it behind and I am so glad I didn’t. These ladders were finished in an afternoon. Really! Sheesh! Sometimes I can talk myself out of starting a project when I think it will be bigger than it actually turns out to be.

2-DSCF0405The ladder was about 16 feet long. Keeping the placement of the rungs in mind, I cut three smaller ladders as close to the same size as possible. They are the perfect height for displaying quilts and other vintage linens, or they can be propped in a bathroom as a towel rack.

5-DSCF0515A quick dry-brushing of white paint…

3-DSCF0512…brought out their shabby chic personality.

6-DSCF0521These ladders will be heading to Quality Outdoor Design in Winfield, Kansas this week.


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