Junk-to-Gem Chairs

1-DSCF3402Junk-to-Gem Chairs

When Youngest Kid was home for Christmas break he helped a friend with moving. There were several things that were headed for the trash, but like his mother, he just couldn’t let good junk go.

2-DSCF3223These treasures didn’t get a new life while he was home for his Christmas break, so I decided to fix them up before he got home for his spring break.

They each had numerous problems, but nothing a little bit of tender loving care and elbow grease couldn’t fix.

They were pretty dirty, so the first thing was to get the seats off and scrub them down.

3-DSCF3233Since the kid lives in a house with several guys, I wanted to use fabric that was more masculine than any of the upholstery fabrics I have in my stash. A few years ago when I was cleaning out the garage I found some old tent tarps. Over the years they had been used as drop cloths for various projects. A normal person would have thrown them away, but not me. I cut them up into manageable pieces to fit in the washing machine and ran them through several cycles. Like I said, that was a few years ago and even though I knew I had them, I hadn’t come up with the right project to use them on…until now.

4-DSCF3318They weren’t pristine. They had been used and abused. They were perfect for the chairs! Since graphics are so popular right now, I appliqued numbers from the same fabric to the seat fabric.

5-DSCF3225Another problem was the chair backs. One chair was fine, but a slat from the other was missing.

6-DSCF3395I made a cover that folded around the chair back from the bottom up. The front of the cover was attached to the back of the cover with magnetic purse snaps. I used three on each cover. I didn’t hide the backs of the snaps because I thought they looked kinda industrial (aka masculine ;)).

The chair frames were another story. Every screw was loose and there were a couple that were missing. Hubby found screws to replace the missing ones, then he applied E6000 to the threads of all the screws and tightened them.

7-DSCF3230Lastly, there was one brace on the seat that was broken. Luckily it was at the end where the original weld had been. A friend from hubby’s work took it home over the weekend and re-welded it.

8-DSCF3405Finished with a few days to spare!! :)

9-DSCF3406Yay, Me!


Desk Curtain

5-DSCN5461Big doings in my craft room/office. I’ve been organizing. The room stores craft and office supplies, but there really isn’t that much room to actually do anything in there. One of my main issues is that it doesn’t have a door to close and hide the chaos and the door frame is extra wide.

1-DSCN5346I camouflage open shelving with an old door that I have leaning against the door frame and the shelf on the left of the photo. That helps a lot, but as you look straight into the room you see all my crap goodies under the desk.

Yep, my desk surface is an old door that I placed over two cabinets. And yes, that’s how wide the room is. :(

2-DSCN5447Determined not to spend any money (What else is new?), I dug through my fabric and settled on some upholstery fabric cuts. I didn’t have quite enough of one, so I chose two with similar colors and textures.

The curtain’s construction was pretty basic. I measured the width of the desk and doubled it, then the height and added 2 inches.

3-DSCN5452Once I pieced together a sheet of fabric using the measurements, I hemmed the sides and the bottom. The top was a selvage edge, so I cheated. I folded it over 1 inch and stitched a casing. I cut cording the same width as the desk and threaded it through the casing. A few stitches on each end of the casing kept it from slipping out.

4-DSCN5460Lastly, I tacked the curtain to the front of the desk.

Not exactly decorator quality, but it only took me half an hour and it serves the purpose I was striving for.

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