Chenille Bunnies and Chicks

49-DSCF0781Since moving I have had to utilize every possible empty space for storing my crafts and craft supplies. That included the space under my son’s bed. He’s away at college so I figured he wouldn’t mind. ;) This last week I was going through some containers under the bed and I came across a WIP box of chenille bunnies and chicks that I had made a few years ago.

48-DSCF0759The items in the box were a variety of pre-cut and pre-sewn pieces, along with the other craft supplies needed to complete them. Since Easter is still two weeks away I decided to make them and take them to the store where I sell them locally.

49-DSCF0781Chenille Bunnies

51-DSCF0787Chenille Chicks

50-DSCF0785Squeezable and adorable.

52-DSCF0789I have a tutorial for the chick that can be found here.

Chenille Scottie Dog Stuffies

2-DSCF0492More sewing with scraps.

1-DSCF0490These cute little Scotties were made using my abundant stash of chenille bedspread scraps. They were the perfect project for those chenille scraps I just couldn’t throw away after finishing something else.

3-DSCF0494Why Scotties? Well, I love anything vintage and I’ve been seeing a resurgence of them a lot lately. So much so that I had to do a little research on when they were previously popular. You know how things seem to come back in style…look at owls. Anyway, I discovered that the 1930s, 40s and 50s were these little pups decades to shine. Wow! It’s been quite a while for their rebirth.

1-DSCF0496Just like my woolie birds, I used an applique for my pattern.

4-DSCF0495The bows are black grosgrain ribbon I had on  hand.


Ironing Board Snowmen

2-DSCN7305Ironing Board Snowmen

I just love a clean barn. I have been able to find so many treasures I had forgotten I had.

1-DSCN7283These two vintage ironing boards were my latest victims…ahem…, masterpieces. ;)

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pics. I found them and started working on them right away. Before and after is pretty much it.

I removed the legs and discarded them. Okay, I’m lying. I haven’t discarded the legs. You know me…,I just might find something to do with them.

This project uses only the tops. One of the tops has a break that the original ironing board owners must have fixed.

3-DSCN7308They did a pretty good job. It’s very sturdy.

I think I like that board the best. It has character and a story. Since I don’t know the story, I’ve come up with my own conclusion as to what happened to the top. I have three grown sons, so it isn’t much of a stretch for me to believe a teenage boy must have parked his butt on it. My boys rumps are constantly resting on counters, tables and dresser tops. What the heck is the problem with using a chair? Sheesh!

2-DSCN7305I dry brushed the fronts using a dark blue paint. I like blue as a background for snowmen. I’m not a confident free-hand artist, so the snowmen were created from a stencil I made using card stock. The paint was applied using a sponge.

Facial details, hatband, buttons and a rusty bow complete these frosty fellows. I think they will look cute on a porch or inside a front door or mud room.

Don’t forget, if you are in Arkansas City, Kansas on November 16th, come shop at the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Craft Fair.


Recycled Jars and My Xyron Sticker Machine

12-DSCN6587Candle Holders From Recycled Jars

I had a few jars that I had been saving to transform into candle holders, and it seemed like the perfect time to use my new Xyron Sticker Machine.

04-DSCN6567I could have used decoupage medium for the book page strips, but I knew the strips would wrinkle and bubble.


I was also pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to keep it off of the glass parts I didn’t want it on.

03-DSCN6566The machine wasn’t difficult to figure out. Actually, it was quite an easy process. The biggest draw back for my cheap frugal mind was the amount of adhesive wasted each time things were sent through the machine. That’s just crazy! There is no way to adjust that either. With 18 foot rolls, that cost roughly $10 a roll, that’s just wrong!

11-DSCN6584For that reason, I only used the sticker machine for the book page strips and the die cut on the front.

09-DSCN6581The lace was attached with craft glue.

02-DSCN6518Salsa and taco sauce jars were used for these candle holders. Regardless of the adhesive waste, I kinda like the way they turned out.


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Restyled Book Bundles

book bundle 6Restyled Book Accents

book bundle 1Ever wonder what to do with those old, outdated encyclopedias from the 70s? Restyle them into decorative book bundles to accent any room.

My son just so happened to have a whole set of these in his room. I had no idea why. He had no idea why, but he said I could have them. Yay!

book bundle 2Since the cover was the only thing I wanted to alter, I initially cut it away from the pages so paint didn’t get on the ends of the pages.

book bundle 3Once the cover had been painted and aged, it was simple to reattach the cover with hot glue.

book bundle 4I used decorative scrapbook paper to cover the book.

book bundle 5Wallpaper or wrapping paper would also work.

book bundle 8The flower was also made from the decorative scrapbook paper.

book bundle 7I added a poem from an old book and a few other this-and-thats.

book bundle 6The entire book was tied up with string with a key attached.

Want a more detailed tutorial? Check out my full tutorial on FaveCraft.