The New/Old Guest Bed

The New/Old Guest BedThe New/Old Guest Bed

Well, summer is almost over. This past weekend my husband and I moved our youngest son back to Pitt for his second year of college. He had much more stuff to move than last year as he is renting a house with several other students. Thankfully we had the craft trailer to pack most of the stuff, but the kid’s car and ours were also full.

The weekend was spent packing, unpacking and shopping. My son wasn’t sure what he would need (and he put off asking until we arrived), so we had to hit the yard sales in Pitt on Saturday morning. Yep, I’m sure you know what kind of hardship that was for me. ;) We had a list and tried to find as much as we could, but in the end we did end up going to Dollar Tree and Walmart to finish getting the necessities.

And then we came home…

The kid bought a new mattress and box springs just before moving, so we were left with the old mattress and box spring…and no bed frame.

My frugal radar started going off. We needed to have an extra bed for occasional guests, but I was not willing to spend any money on it. I had made a bed frame for our king bed many years ago. I knew it could be done. The problem was determining whether the mattress and box springs were salvageable. The kid had been telling us for years that it kept sinking and felt like it had no support when he laid on it. hmm…

02-DSCF1741I decided to remove the dust cover on the box springs to investigate what the problem was.

03-DSCF1742Ah ha! I found three breaks in slats and the side frame. Now can I just say how confused I am? Not about the breaks, but the fact that we call the thing a box spring and there was not one spring on the whole thing. As you know, I have used bed springs in a lot of projects and have taken apart my share of vintage bed springs. This just confuses me. Oh well, on with my story.

01-DSCF1739Since I already had the dust cover off I could clearly see how the fabric cover was attached. I removed it so that I could repair the skeleton of the box spring.

04-DSCF1743I patched the breaks and added additional braces across the box spring and more 2×4 braces between the top and bottom of the box.

05-DSCF1745The cardboard overlay on the top side of the box was cracked and sagging. I removed it and replaced it with fresh cardboard. Then it was just a matter of replacing the fabric cover and the dust cover.

Tip: A staple gun is your best friend. ;)

08-DSCF1754I built a frame around the box spring to make sure it would fit. I just used 2x4s from my wood pile. Yes, I brought my wood pile along when I moved.

After the frame was built I added slats across the width and cut more 2x4s for the legs. The whole thing then got a dry brushed coat of paint.

06-DSCF1747I had a vintage metal headboard and foot board in storage that I had thought I would use to make a bench, but this seemed like the perfect option for my guest bed. Vintage beds do not necessary line up with modern mattress sizes, but in this case it really didn’t matter. I had my husband remove the brackets for the rails and drill holes through the legs.

07-DSCF1749I cleaned the headboard and foot board and gave it a couple of coats of poly to shine it up and seal the rust.

09-DSCF1759I bolted the boards through the drilled holes in the legs to the 2×4 legs of the new bed frame.

10-DSCF1765Woot! Woot! That’s it! Nothing left but to make it. Uh…ignore the wimpy pillow. I found this one in my extra bedding. I have no idea why I kept it. It’s awful! I actually want two, so I will be making my only purchase for this bed. Not bad. I think I can spring for a couple of pillows.


Cupboard Door Art

2-DSCF1424New decor for the master bedroom.

For my birthday in May, a friend gifted me with calenders that featured sheet music book covers. Even though I have authentic vintage sheet music books, I loved the vibrant colors and pristine graphics of the calender pages.

1-DSCF1404I had the perfect base for decoupaging a couple of these covers to. An old cupboard door.

After a bit of elbow grease and removal of some of the hardware, I was ready to rock and roll. I couldn’t get the hinges off, and I didn’t want to wait until a son or husband came home, so I decided to leave them attached as embellishment for the “art” piece.

A little paint gave the old surface a much cleaner appearance. I did the entire surface with off white and and then a dry brush of white over the outer frame.1-DSCF1414Two calender pages fit perfectly inside the frame. I applied several coats of Mod Podge to seal and build up the smooth surface.

2-DSCF1424A couple of sawtooth hangers were attached to the back for hanging.


Country Quilt Flag Pillows

8-country quilt flag pillow

Country Quilt Flag Pillows

I’ve been playing with my cutter quilt stash again. This time I decided to combine a variety of quilt scraps with white chenille bedspread scraps to make flag pillows.

1-country quilt flag pillowThese pillows can be used anytime of year and with most any color scheme as the quilts used were not necessarily red, white and blue.

2-country quilt flag pillowI used two different quilts for each pillow. The “blue” field is one quilt, while the pillow shape is another. The stripes and stars are made from the chenille bedspread scraps.

5-country quilt flag pillowIn keeping with my scrappy style, I left the seams exposed and the edges of the appliques raggedy.

7-country quilt flag pillowAs usual, I couldn’t make just one. They will be heading to my local store for sale.


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Chenille Bunnies and Chicks

49-DSCF0781Since moving I have had to utilize every possible empty space for storing my crafts and craft supplies. That included the space under my son’s bed. He’s away at college so I figured he wouldn’t mind. ;) This last week I was going through some containers under the bed and I came across a WIP box of chenille bunnies and chicks that I had made a few years ago.

48-DSCF0759The items in the box were a variety of pre-cut and pre-sewn pieces, along with the other craft supplies needed to complete them. Since Easter is still two weeks away I decided to make them and take them to the store where I sell them locally.

49-DSCF0781Chenille Bunnies

51-DSCF0787Chenille Chicks

50-DSCF0785Squeezable and adorable.

52-DSCF0789I have a tutorial for the chick that can be found here.

Chenille Scottie Dog Stuffies

2-DSCF0492More sewing with scraps.

1-DSCF0490These cute little Scotties were made using my abundant stash of chenille bedspread scraps. They were the perfect project for those chenille scraps I just couldn’t throw away after finishing something else.

3-DSCF0494Why Scotties? Well, I love anything vintage and I’ve been seeing a resurgence of them a lot lately. So much so that I had to do a little research on when they were previously popular. You know how things seem to come back in style…look at owls. Anyway, I discovered that the 1930s, 40s and 50s were these little pups decades to shine. Wow! It’s been quite a while for their rebirth.

1-DSCF0496Just like my woolie birds, I used an applique for my pattern.

4-DSCF0495The bows are black grosgrain ribbon I had on  hand.