Antiqued Western End Table

6-DSCF4680Antiqued Western End Table

1-DSCF4398I picked up this little gem a few weeks ago at auction. Okay, “gem” may be too strong of a word, but let’s just say I saw potential.

2-DSCF4641Paint. Yep, I love me some paint. After sanding, I gave the table a couple coats of white paint.

3-DSCF4654I, of course, had to give it my sanding treatment to make it look old again.

5-DSCF4689I bought this vintage blanket/bedspread at the same auction and it served as the inspiration for the design I added to the table. It reminds me of the stripes on old grain sacks.

4-DSCF4662I painted the stripes on the shelf top and the table top. The front and sides seemed like too much, so I left them plain.

And then there are some days I shouldn’t be allowed to pick up a paintbrush or stain rag. That was the day I when I applied an antique stain to the table. I had run out of the stain I usually use so I grabbed one off my shelf that I thought was similar. OMG! It was horrible! It just made the table look dirty. Not the cool-antique-kinda-dirty, but the yellow-greasy-needs-a-scrub-brush-sorta-dirty. (Don’t go looking for the pics of this disaster. I deleted them to protect my restyling cred. 😉 So…

6-DSCF4680After spending a couple of days trying to convince myself it looked fine, I couldn’t take it anymore. Did I learn from my mistake? Uhm, no. Instead of going to the store and buying the stain I knew would work, I convinced myself I needed something darker to cover the horrible mistake of the first stain. The change was so dramatic that I cursed and mumbled under my breath the whole time I was applying it.

And then something wonderful happened. The clouds parted, the sun came out and I could hear angels singing. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but…It looked good! I was going for just an antiqued finish, but I ended up with an antiqued western finish. Yay, me! That’ll work!


A Western Revival

5-DSCF1295Western Revival

1-DSCF0959If anything needed revived, it was this nightstand. The paint color and application was…um…interesting. Now I can’t say I don’t like green, after all, I just used a similar shade on the eaves of my shutter birdhouses, but this shade did not appeal to me. Actually I cursed this awful paint color as I sanded and sanded and sanded and…

Have I mentioned how much I hate to sand? The worst part was the drawer sides. Yep, they had been painted green and were causing the drawer to stick and stutter. Technically I could have lightly sanded the sides and painted over the green sides, but in our Kansas humidity it would have continued to have a sticking issue. I ended up completely sanding off the green from the sides of the drawer.

2-DSCF1283That was enough of that! The rest of the nightstand got the light sanding and new paint painted over the old. A barn red paint started the western revival. I still battled the humidity, though. After overnight drying, the nightstand was still tacky. I rubbed it down with baby powder to draw out some of the moisture, then I mixed a little P of P into my paint and gave it one more coat. The surface felt much better.

3-DSCF1288I added a few stenciled stars to the top of the nightstand for more western charm.

4-DSCF1292The old knob just didn’t seem “western” enough, so I added an iron star and bronze/black knob.


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Rustic Western Cooler

7-DSCN5605Rustic Western Cooler

2-DSCN5591Another treasure from the barn. This was a score I had picked up a few years ago at a yard sale for $1. From the condition it looked like it had sat outside. The structure was good, but the outside surface was pretty rough and weathered.

1-DSCN5587Since the cooler inside looked like it had never been used I was sure it could be restyled into something special.

4-DSCN5593I painted the outside a light powder blue. I didn’t paint the inside lip or the bottom of the lid. Our summers are pretty humid, and I figure with the moisture that would be present from the cooler, any paint on the inside would most likely peel or cause the lid to stick.

Over the blue I randomly wiped on petroleum jelly.

5-DSCN5601A top coat of barn red was added. When it dried I wiped off the paint over the jelly. It wasn’t quite rustic enough for me yet, so I sanded over everything.

6-DSCN5602I found a medallion die on one of my Cricut cartridges. I cut it out as a stencil at 10 inches on a sheet of sticky backed vinyl. The stencil was painted with the same powder blue as the base coat.

7-DSCN5605Hmm…I don’t think I’m done. I’m not a big fan of the brass hardware (handles, hinges, etc). They need to come off and get their own transformation with some black paint.


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Country Easter Egg Ornies

Easter is just around the corner. Have you purchased a bag of plastic Easter eggs yet? My kids are grown, so I can finally skip the plastic grass and eggs. I still like decorating for the holiday, so I decided to try a more decor friendly twist using the old eggs I already have.

What do you think about country western Easter eggs?

I made this one into a hanging ornie, but I think several of them would look adorable in a bowl or basket. If making it into a hanging ornie, heat the end of craft wire in a candle flame and poke one hole in both the top and the bottom of the egg. Remove the wire. Ignore the two holes on either side of the center. They were there already, just not where I wanted them.

Ouchie Alert! You will want to keep a bowl of ice water nearby to dip burned fingertips.

Starting at the top of the egg, apply a dot of hot glue. Don’t cover up the hole you made. Place the end of twine in the glue. Let it cool a bit so you don’t end up pulling it off. Note: I used baling twine, but jute could also be used for a similar look.

Adding more hot glue as you go, wind the twine around the egg in a spiral. Push the new row snugly against the previous row. When you reach the bottom of the egg, don’t cover the hole you made. In my photos you can see the original color of the egg through the rows, but as I stare at it in my hand I can’t see it. Really! I wouldn’t lie to you! This project was done before the flash went out on my camera. I think the flash must have brightened the space between the rows. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Wrap a 1/2-inch-wide ripped strip from a red bandanna around the center of the egg and tie the ends in a knot.

5-DSCN4577I added a button over the knot using more hot glue.

Cut a 4-inch length of craft wire. Insert the wire through the top hole and out the bottom one. You will have wire extending from each end of the egg. Thread a red wood bead on each wire end. Grasp one end of the wire with the tip of needle nose pliers. Curl the wire around the plier’s nose and remove. This creates a loop. Repeat on the other end of the egg.

For hanging, thread a bit of twine through the loop at the top of the egg and tie into a hanging loop.


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The Country/Western Star

I think this table would be perfect in country, ranch or cabin decor. Yippee ki-yay!

Country/Western Table

I found the table at an auction. One of the curly handles was missing. Nobody wanted it, so the auctioneer offered it to me. Hey, don’t judge me! It was free! As I was toting it to my car, I noticed something on the ground. It was the missing handle. Yep, it was meant to be.

I reattached the handle, added numerous screws that were missing and used wood filler to fill in and smooth out a multitude of problems. Once the structure of the table was repaired, the transformation was ready to begin.

I sanded the table…and sanded the table…and sanded the table. Have I ever mentioned how much I despise sanding?

I had this barn red paint I was excited to try. My son thought it was funny that I was painting a brown table red, when a couple of weeks ago I painted a red chair brown. What? Hey kid, this is technical stuff!

I liked it, but it needed more something, something. I stenciled several white stars of differing sizes on the table’s top. Feeling a bit quirky, I clustered them all together and off center.

Time for aging. Yes, it was old looking when I started, but my way allows it to look old gracefully. I sanded the painted surface. I don’t mind this kind of sanding. It’s usually pretty quick. Once cleaned up, I applied a light brown paint-stain.

And she’s done!

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