1. nita

    Please tell me you didn’t cut up the vintage quilts, or if you did they were in poor condition. Those one inch squares would probably make a cute scarf. No, you don’t sew the squares together, you string them. I saw it on Quilting Arts TV, there’s a picture on their website, http://www.quiltingdaily.com/media/p/23180.aspx , maybe you can figure out how. Sorry, I watched the program, but I don’t remember the specifics. ~Nita

    • Cyndee

      No, I didn’t cut up good ones. These definitely needed a new life. They were torn, worn or stained, making them unusable as is. They make great cutters for projects.

  2. LaurieDM

    Make sure you check under the free category on Craigslist periodically for your area. People give away all kinds of crafting friendly goodies there.

    I love those little Scottie dogs. Did you use them all up?

  3. Melissa

    You’re so inspiring. I wish I had the eye to see things out of….well, other things! lol. 🙂 Train cases and quilts, oh my. Your friend was very generous. What do you plan on doing with the suitcases/train cases?! Or better yet….the erasers! lol. Hm! Now you got my mind going.


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