1. Michelle Devon

    Cyndee, I loooove your home! all the quilts and the wood working stuff and the hangings and all the little corner things and everything. It’s very homey but stylish. I love it!

    The new loveseat is cute and it goes well with the piano behind it, the pillows blending the colors in and such… I dunno, I just love it!

    Love and stuff,

  2. T K Martinez

    Okay, I’m coming to this a little late in the game, lol, but I have to agree with Michy. I love your living room! It looks so cozy and inviting… I dream of one day having a big open space to display the mementos of my family’s personality amidst the necessaries (couch, loveseat, TV, table(s))… Sigh. 🙂


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