1. Michelle Devon (Michy)

    How cute! I definitely love how you re-purpose things. When I was broke and younger with the kids, my mom used to tell me that I could turn trash and junk into something decorative. Reading your blog reminds me of my own crafting days. I miss it! you might just inspire me to get back into it!

    • Cyndee

      Oh, I hope you do! I’d love to see pics. See, now you have to do something. We now have it in print. LOL

  2. Michelle Devon (Michy)

    Hummm, I’ll have to come up with something I want to make then. I’ve got some stuff around the house I was going to throw out, but one of them is a vase type thing… maybe I’ll redo it and see. That should be an easy one to get back into it. I was going to make baskets for Christmas, but I never got around to it!


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