1. Michelle Devon (Michy)

    This reminded me of my childhood, in a way. My parents owned a fast-food restaurant when I was growing up. The first one they owned was a little soda shop type diner. The tables inside were those great big huge oilfield cable spools, like these, only really, really big. Daddy sanded, stained and then high-gloss shellacked them. They were quite striking and people commented on them all the time. He found them tossed in the garbage dump. Saved a ton on tables when opening the place, but gave it unique flare.

    Thanks for the memory. Those spools are really cute. Are you selling one? Like, I might like to buy one, are you selling one?

  2. Cyndee

    Thank you, Michy! Glad it brought back a great memory. Yes I am selling them. Postage might be a bit tricky though. I’ll email you.


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