1. JaneEllen

    Your jars are so terrific, love, love em’, love how you dressed them up. It’s great to take something that’s a throw away into something useful and pretty.
    I too keep glass jars quite often, if hubs doesn’t whisk them off to the recycle barrel. I especially like jars that have wider mouths, easier to get my hand in to put candle and whatever I put candle on in the jar. I like to use epsom salts in the jars.
    Glad to hear somebody else didn’t like the adhesive waste. I have a xyron 510 and have rarely used it due to cost of the adhesives, etc. I bought it at least in 2002 and once I got it home and used it realized it wasn’t going to be very practical unless I had money to burn going to town for gas and the product. I have a problem getting labels stuck to jars and end up making a mess with ModPodge, also not inexpensive, it’s just a glue for crying out loud. Happy creating, you do great job.

  2. Brenda

    Hey I recognize that lace! Did you use any of the jars I brought out to you? I could see these decorated with holiday themes….hearts, flowers, stars, pumpkins, trees….. 😉

  3. fcbama

    Hi Cyndee! Wow! These jars are too cute! You are such a creative lady! How do you remove all the glue from the jars before decorating them? I’m sure there’s an easy an non-chemical way to do this! You’ve inspired me to use me Xryon more often! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

    • Cyndee

      @fcbama-I tried everything! The glue on these jars just didn’t want to give. Finally I used Goof Off. Yes, it’s a chemical, but absolutely nothing else was working.


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