1. Sharon H

    wow, that’s awesome….good job! My husband and I were out at the old farm place today….so hot and muggy, and mosquitos big enough to carry me away. We’re getting ready to clear off the yard area and tear down the old house (before it completely falls down) so we started off by taking down one of the barb wire fences and pulling up fence posts…by hand. With all the rain we’ve had the past few weeks in SE Kansas, the posts were fairly easy to remove.

    Then I started looking around, seeing the potential in what was to be torn down….and dreading to tell my husband that I want to salvage as much old wood as possible….he knew I wanted some windows and he was okay with that. mmmm, trying to come up with a creative way of breaking the news to him! I can’t wait to see what all I can save. I saw some 12 and 16-inch wide boards…OMG…can you just imagine? Wish me luck….our barn’s much smaller than yours….

    • Cyndee

      Oh wow, that kind of wood is like gold! Good luck in convincing him. I’d hate to pass it up too.

      I think y’all are getting the rain after us. Expecting more tonight. Very strange August for Kansas. It’s also bringing out the bugs in abundance. I tried to work in the garage today and the flies and sweat bees drove me crazy.


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