1. JaneEllen

    Love the bench, you did such a great job converting it from dresser. Poor old dresser, sure served it’s purpose for long time. Love the corrugated metal on sides, back.
    We have an old dresser I can’t seem to part with, paid $20 for it at swap meet in Bowling Green, KY. It was a nice big solid piece but I left it out in the weather when we moved to CO. Really dumb, could kick myself as I’d have loved to made it into a vanity for our bathroom. Not so sure now if it would work, have to replace the top and parts of veneer on bottom are rotted. Shame on me.
    Anyway, need to get it out of shed, really look at it. Decide if worth keeping or part it out. I’d use drawers to make shelves or little carts with wheels on bottoms. Believe me I got my use out of that dresser in house in KY. Had it in living room and stored some craft supplies to get out of sight, whatever else it was needed for. I painted it when I got it also.
    Anyway, your bench has inspired me to finally do something with poor old dresser. Glad you shared this project, good reason for it, somebody would be inspired and I am. Happy week

  2. LindaI

    OMG!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! I am so excited to try this, too. I have been overlooking rotten broken dressers on the side of the road. No need anymore. I will make these awesome benches!! For everyone in the family (who wants them.. ha ha). I like this a lot. Please please come share this at What to do Weekends on my blog. Best wishes, you are the BEST. Also signing up for emails. (not done often). Linda Did I mention I’m pinning this, too?


  3. Cyndee

    Wow and wow! Thanks for the kind words! I am so glad this project has provided inspiration. Ladies, I would love to see photos of your finished benches…since I know you will be making it. 😉

  4. Fine Craft Guild

    LOVE the work you did, and love the story. Thank you so much for sharing it at the Fine Craft Guild. Can’t wait to see what you’ll bring us THIS week, i.e. tomorrow!!!?!!

  5. Sandy H.

    Love this bench, I think the space where the drawer was @ the bottom would be nice storage space if you put baskets in it. Keep the clutter contained in other words.


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