1. JaneEllen

    Love how your swing/bench looks, the legs and added arms are perfect. The color is very nice for an outdoor bench. Maybe the person will buy this piece also. You must have had a lot of aha moments cleaning out your barn, i.e. “aha I forgot I had that”, etc.
    We have an old suburban that needs work on it we can’t afford so it has become a storage place for me. I keep my seasonal clothes (among other things ) in it so I can find them, as the person that “thinks” he is the gate keeper for our messy shed puts things in it that are never more to be seen if you need them, hence I keep seasonal clothes in the sub. Not only that, mice can’t get into the suburban. Been wanting to sell the sub but then where would I keep my “stuff”? Anyway I went to find my Fall decos box but they’re not in there anymore. I did find some items I forgot I had which was lovely as I was wanting to restyle our l/r niche shelves and my shutter shelf. I always believe things happen for a reason not planned by me. Have fun with all your awesome goodies you found. You’ll miss that barn. Happy days


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