1. silverhairmadam11965

    Those snowmen are really cute. I had a chance to get a vintage ironing board, but I hesitated and when I went back, it was gone. BooHoo. Anyway, great idea to use them up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. paperworx4seniors2

    Don’t think I’d get rid of the board legs either, never know what you might need them for. Isn’t that how your barn got cluttered up in first place? I’m a good one to talk, you should see our shed, no maybe not, lol. Eeeekkk. Love your adorable snow men. You did great job painting them on the boards. I’d love to have one. Maybe I can get hubs to put couple long boards together so I can try my hand at that. Great post and inspiration. Then if we can keep dog from chewing it up. Always enjoy your posts.


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