1. paperworx4seniors2

    You are a wonder, such a perfect gift to give anybody, especially a memory challenged person. Any Grand Parent or relative would love this quilt also to keep warm and be able to look at photos of their loved ones all the time.
    Kinda grabbed my interest as a project I’d like to make for myself since I don’t know anybody else at this time that would love a quilt. I’m going to pin this quilt to maybe work on this winter. So glad you shared this project, such a wonderful idea. You did a beautiful job on the quilt also.
    Happy New Year

  2. me2scat

    What a great gift for a person with Alzheimer/dementia or just someone who’s getting older or in a nursing home.

  3. Trudy

    what a wonderful idea! My mother had dementia, and never tired of looking at old photos. After all, she knew everyone in the old pictures 🙂 It would be a wonderful gift even without dementia – this may become a gift for next year!


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