1. JaneEllen

    Seeing all those old albums reminded me of the incredible collection I left in our shed in MT when we moved to KY. I had all the popular music from the 50’s and especially the 60’s. The Beach boys, Momma’s and Poppa’s, The Eagles,Lovin’ Spoonfuls, wish I could remember more of names. I was divorced in’ 64 so got into the music and dancing. My kids said they couldn’t go to sleep unless I had that era’s music on.
    I was not an Elvis fan at all. Wish I had those records now as they’d most likely be worth something, can’t believe I just left them in a box in our shed.
    My kids must be bunches older than you/yours as they remember 45’s and 78’s. My kids are 53, 51, almost 50. I think I was really lucky and so were they to grow up in that era, things just seemed a whole bunch simpler. Shoot you’re most likely not old enuf to remember 60’s. You kid you, lol.
    Great idea to use middle of records to make coasters, what conversation starters those will be, awesome. Have fun with those, great coasters.
    Happy weekend

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