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  1. JaneEllen

    Great redo on that coffee table, you have such wonderful inventive ideas. And when I see your great ideas I tend to “borrow” some of them.
    Today I went out to suburban (doesn’t run so it’s used for my stuff) to get summer sheets out and look for summer curtains. I’ll be making new summer curtains but for now wanted something instant to put up in bedroom.
    Making curtains with tablecloths for our room which I got on clearance at Target after holidays. I seem to be changing my color palette from tans to grays.
    I got some new panels at TJMaxx in light gray with a white brocade design that look so light and pretty in our l/r. Love them, it’s way different than what I’d usually do which is making my own but for price of the panels it was about same as buying fabric. Wanted something different for living room. Maybe it’ll get me busy painting in there, I’ve only waited almost 8 yrs.
    I love everything you make and you inspire me constantly. Have fun enjoying your “new” patio furniture.


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