1. paperworx4seniors2

    In order not to make holes you could use the Command hooks that peel right off. Not too expensive but not cheap either, at least for our SS budget. Command hooks come for different weight items to hang. What a smart idea putting the legs on the door, perfect. Window and door look great on wall.
    Know what you mean about ugly sofas. We have a sofa we were given but I hate it, not my style at all and is so ugly and much too big for our small l/r. We had a very nice Broyhill sofa I loved but hubs and daughter took it to dump because some of the upholstery was wearing. Otherwise just fine. When I came home I wanted to kill them, still mad at them. I had two slipcovers for the Broyhill which I switched out when one needed washing.
    The Broyhill was also a sleeper, they got rid of mattress I’d have used to put on a bench. It seems daughter talked Dad into getting rid of it. Her tastes and mine in furniture are worlds apart. She decided it was too big for room, excuse me, does she live here? Sorry, really sore subject. Happy week


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