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  1. paperworx4seniors2

    Good for you, making a wreath the way you want it to be. I love how scrappy and shabby it looks.
    I made a wreath one time with the top wood piece off a basket. Was going to throw it away and thought, wait a minute, good wreath base. Use part of the basket for something else when the idea comes along. I used faux boxwood branches on my rectangular wreath. I like different things, not what’s expected.
    Love all the rag strips you used. I have lots of scraps so think I might be wrapping them around a picture frame. Great idea.
    I have an empty frame hanging on bedroom wall deciding what I want to hang in it. Hubs asked if I was just going to leave it empty, maybe, hang some other empty frames. He told me I was getting weird since I started reading blogs. lol I love idea of hanging empty frames painted apple green on wall.
    We have an old waterfall chif-a-robe I’d like to paint apple green, think it would be a ray of sunshine in our room. When we first got the chif-a-robe in 1999 I painted it white and painted the little wood parts in purple and green but think the apple green would be so pretty in our room that tends to be a bit dark.
    Just seeing your wreath has so inspired me to do some projects I’ve been putting off like our chif-a-robe, just have to figure out what I’ll do with clothes in it while I paint it. The sides have split so that needs to be repaired anyway. Enjoy your blog very much, always gets me going on something.
    Enjoy your summer


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