1. JaneEllen

    Those pillow covers look outstanding, great job. Did you use frog tape for your stripes? They look very neat and straight. You have ambition and patience to make the stripes so well.
    Know how you feel about outdated couch. We had one given to us few years ago, I never liked it, totally not my style at all and was so dark, funky looking.
    Finally bit bullet month ago at Habitat (on our SS payday). I walked in there, saw that couch and made up my mind that baby was going home with me (after I checked it out more of course). I had a 25% off coupon and it was due to expire in 5 more days so doggone it that couch was mine. Really shouldn’t have spent the money but had to go for it then. Was so clean, a sleeper sofa, perfect style and color.
    Knew if I waited it’d be gone. We didn’t have any place to keep old (hated) couch so took it to thrift store same day on way to get “new to me, much more my style”) couch. I still love it and altho I’ve been broke all month it was so worth it, Iove it. Long month too with 5 weeks between SS paydays (again).
    Hope soon you’ll get to find a “new to you” couch. Do you have Habitat for Humanity close to you?
    Your couch looks nice and clean and fairly new, new pillows look very nice on it. Try a slip cover to update it?
    To protect “new to me” couch I used couple of vintage tablecloths I have to cover seat cushions and front of couch, as we have a very shedding dog and he leaves hair everywhere all summer. A lot easier to throw table cloths in washer then dryer.
    I also used vintage tablecloths on a chair (I hated the upholstery) but a great solid chair also purchased at Habitat few years ago. I’m as happy with old furniture as I’ve ever been with new (except for my Broyhill couch we bought in Mt and hubs/daughter decided “we” didn’t want anymore, was still a good couch, just needed some re-upholstery work done on it. That’s how we ended up with couch I did not like at all. Don’t think they’ll be making those kind of decisions anymore (if they know what’s good for them anyway).
    Great post, wish I had your patience and ambition to paint fabric for grain sack look. Happy summer Do you miss being out at your farm and your barn?

  2. Sherry

    Cyndee, I love the pillows! I’m with you about the cost of grain sacks. I was thinking of using unbleached muslin. Did you tape them off to get the nice crisp lines? Did you use plain old acrylic paint, or fabric paint?


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