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  1. JaneEllen

    Hey gal I Love your garden fencing on the wall, it’s perfect. Think it’s great cause it’s a different use of something, why not? Love new ideas. In KY we had dining room, put up a trellis to hang some aprons on, vintage things like that.
    The dragon flies are pretty, did you make those with painted screening and pieces of quilts? And the wreath is also great, keep it up, love your ideas.
    Lets see if I can lose my comment this time. It seems when I get tired at night my twisted arthriticfingers have mind of their own. I have no idea what keys they hit but aren’t what I had in mind, lol. Annoying as all get out.
    Sorry, today is our SS payday we waited 5 weeks for – AGAIN. In meantime gas has gone up 20 cents a gallon in just the last month here in Grand Junction, CO areas, we have to decide if we can afford to buy something good for us like grapes or other fruit instead of detergent to do our laundry. Have more I could say but don’t think it’s really the right format.
    Sure glad you didn’t let your family throw away that garden fencing. Who knows what else you might find to do with it. Can hardly wait to see. You always make such great and interesting projects. Love your style.
    Are you liking living in town now? Do you miss your barn?
    If you want to reply please do so to:
    Thanks and happy summer days. Are you working on any July 4th. projects?


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