1. paperworx4seniors2

    I Love those, such an awesome idea to use cupboard door. I’ll have to see if I can find a great calender for that purpose. Happen to have couple of cupboard doors we took off upper cabinet when we were painting. I put my bowl collection in cabinet so it can be accessed easily and seen. Love my bowls. Wish I could get some of older yellow ware bowls.
    I too love graphics and colors on calender pages you used. I love something different also and you made that. Great, fantastic post. Be sure to show us photo of door in room when you hang it ok?
    Happy summer days

  2. loupmojo

    Those are gorgeous! They make me think of my maternal grandma who was always singing musical hall classics like ‘Come into the Garden, Maud’ and ‘Little Alice Blue Gown’. That will look fabulous on the wall and what a thoughtful gift too.


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