1. paperworx4seniors2

    Oh I am loving that, wonder if my hubs could make one as close to it as possible, excellent shelving project. My kitchen has chickens and we have 5 chickens now. Never had chickens before, did you have chickens when you lived out in country?
    I’m kinda liking them, not sure I would. They were given to us, chickens, coop, feeders and all. Such personalities. We have names for all of them and we’ve gotten 2 eggs so far. The one we got today wasn’t viable, shell was very mushy. We’re giving them some kind of oyster feed to help their egg shells be stronger. The egg we got Sunday was good, it was a blue shell, never heard of that. One of our neighbors around corner has chickens think I’ll pay her a visit. We got the chickens from daughter’s neighbor, they’re 6 months old.
    I love that shelf you made out of a head board. Great transformation.
    Happy summer days Pinning

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