1. JaneEllen

    How I missed these in past couple years I don’t know but they are so darned cute. Love them all, no matter what fabric you used. Being on springs really gives them a special look. You are so darned clever. Good idea to get things made ahead. Wish I could find some bed springs, so awesome. Great post.
    In 100 plus temps, oh my I don’t envy you. Only good thing about that could be losing weight. I lost over 20 lbs. couple Springs ago when we went thru our shed, got rid of bunches of stuff, yard sale and thrift store gifts. Didn’t realize I’d lost til I went to put summer clothes on, way too big, just broke my heart, lol. Kept it off except for maybe 5 lbs. but going to work on getting rid of that soon when I clean shed out again (at least I hope so). At least besides purging things cleaning things out gives a good result. Happy week

  2. Nancy

    Cyndee, you create the cutest things!! How big are your Bed Springs? For the life of me I can not find any up here in WA, and have been looking for so long~ I can’t waut to see all your creations going to the Show this year.
    Huggs, Nancy

  3. Sandy H.

    I love your ” PUMPKIN SPRINGS”. They are so cute, and no two are alike. I’m like Nancy, can’t find bedsprings. The only place I have found them is in a couple of local crafters stores where they sell their crafts, but the cost is prohibitive to buying them to make very many of anything. If you don’t mind me borrowing your idea for the pumpkin I might make them without the springs.
    Love your ideas, Sandy

  4. Cyndee

    @Nancy and Sandy H-I really can’t remember where I found my first “bed” of springs, but a few years ago I was talking to a teacher I used to work with and she had a farm that had been in her family for years. She mentioned she was cleaning out a barn and there might be some things I would be interested in. She had several beds of springs that she gifted me with. I was thrilled! Many of them were still in there bed form when we were preparing to move so my husband and I spent a day taking them apart. There was no way I was leaving them behind. You might try farm auctions or checking with friends that may live on old family farms. These are probably things they would love to get rid of. I have also heard some people use springs from old chairs. They may be shaped a little differently, but they look like they would work for any of the spring projects I make. Don’t pass up those broken curbside finds. Nancy, I don’t have a spring in front of me at the moment, but I think they are about 6″-7″ tall and the base is about 4″ in diameter. Good Luck! I hope you ladies find some.

  5. peglydem

    Love these I have been collecting bed-springs to do the same and the supplies couldn’t be simpler. Loved your blog and will become your next follower!

  6. Navy Wifey Peters

    These pumpkins look wonderful! I’m pinning them! Thanks so much for linking up at Submarine Sunday @ USS Crafty!


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