1. JaneEllen

    Boy where’s there’s a will there’s a way huh? Love it that you decided to use what you had to get a guest bed. You’re always so busy with one thing and another. Was it hard to send son off to college again? Is it his room that is guest room now? You did such a great job making that bed frame, why not if you had lumber and knew how? Smart gal and it was free, of course your labor is worth much more.
    We get company so seldom we don’t have a guest room. Extra bedrooms are so small in our house, one is craft room, other is sewing room and both are chuck full of my “stuff”. They both need cleaning up, what a mess in both. Not dirty, just very messy. When we painted living room so much stuff got shoved in both rooms. Ah well not first time they’ve been messy so will wait til I’m in mood to tackle them both, .
    The “new to us” couch I bought at Habitat is a sleeper sofa so have that for company and we have a travel trailer also. We took mattress out and had it cleaned so it’s usable. Wouldn’t ask somebody to sleep on something I didn’t know was clean. Habitat had it cleaned also but I wanted to have it done for my own peace of mind. With all the clamor there’s been about bed bugs I wasn’t going to take any chances, lol. EEeuuuwww, gives me willies just thinking about it.
    If you want to reply please do so at my email address. Don’t work too hard.
    Of course you moved your wood pile, why wouldn’t you?

    • Cyndee

      We didn’t have a guest room before he moved, but since he moved everything I am going to use it as a guest/craft room. My crafts have been stored in a gazillion places since we moved. It will be nice to have a specific spot. I’ll have it cluttered in no time. hehe


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