1. Grama Debbie

    I love your pumpkins!! I can make them in numerous sizes with my granddaughters and great granddaughters. You have a wonderful gift from God young lady and you bless me and others by sharing them. Keep them coming. Your Friend, Grama Debbie VS

  2. Sandy H.

    I have made these before, I didn’t have a pattern to go by I just made it on the fly. By the Grace of God it turned out looking like yours. I save the stems off the pumpkins and squash from the year before and dry them out to use for the stems on these. Also I use the green floral paper covered wires and curl them around a pencil and glue them in with the leaves to look the tendrells on a pumpkin vine.

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    • Cyndee

      These have been packed away for the season so I’m not 100% sure what my price is/was, but I know I charge less than $10. I live in a smaller community so higher prices won’t sell. These do really well under $10.


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