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  1. JaneEllen

    Do you make these things up as you go along or do you have a book filled with your ideas? I am forever amazed at your repetoire of projects. Can hardly wait for Christmas ideas. Do I need to make more things but what would I do with myself all Christmas season if I wasn’t making things? Or the Fall season either, have so much but keep on making, it’s like it’s without having to think about what I’m doing, just happier keeping busy and making, making, making. lol You too or do you have more shows lined up? Do they charge a lot to be in craft shows there? They do here. Much more than I can feel it’s worth. Guess that’s why I should have an Etsy store. Have to learn how to put photos online out of camera. duh. Any suggestions? Happy crafting. So cute, who would’a thunk of making candy corn cones, great idea wrapping strips around it. How you did the bottom of cone was perfect, keeps it neater. Such a smart gal.
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