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  1. JaneEllen

    Excellent tutorial Cyndee, good to give tips for safety and best way to mount candle in pumpkin. Does room this is in smell like pumpkin? Love how you decorated around the candle, looks very festive and Fallish, bright and happy in your room.
    I’m ready to have some pumpkin pie, who wants to wait til Thanksgiing to have some. Found awesome recipe in all my recipes yesterday to put a praline topping on pumpkin pie. Fattening as heck but sure sounded good.
    I got some pumpkin scent candles on clearance at Kmart few weeks ago that smell so good in l/r. Plus I have some pumpkin spray I got on sale at Michaels couple years ago which I spray in l/r and kitchen, like to smell nice things not stinky dog, lol.
    I always so enjoy your posts Cyndee, look forward to seeing what you’ll do next.
    Happy days Enjoy your gorgeous pumpkin
    If you decide to reply please do so to my email address.


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