1. paperworx4seniors2

    So cute and useful plus pretty easy to make. Would make good gifts using any design you wanted to. Very versatile and inexpensive to make. Gotta like all that.
    When do you sleep? Seems like your mind is working and you’re making things all the time and every thing you make is so great.
    I’ve been out on back deck cleaning up “junk” that had accumulated since neither one of us wanted to deal with it sooner. Gets very hot on our back deck so doing anything out there is like frying your brain. Sorta cloudy today and cooler so thought I’d better tackle it before we start getting any serious Fall/winter weather then have to work in rain or mud, yuk.
    Had to clear out a box to put summer clothes and shoes in also. Still have few things to tackle in lower yard but supposed to be nice in low 70’s for rest of week, hopefully anyway. Hard to tell here, could change at any time this time of year. I’m meant to be going thru “stuff” in shed but so far haven’t gotten the urge, better get to it so we have room to put hubs lawn tractor in shed this winter and the patio tables and chairs.
    Better get myself back to work, have to put some stuff in thrift store piles. Have great day. Are you resting up from going to 3 craft shows in a row? That’s a lot of work.
    IF you decide to reply please do so to my email address.


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