1. JaneEllen

    Wow makes me wish we were going to be in a craft show so I’d have good reason to make those signs, they’re perfect. Smart idea using window frames for sign frames if you have lots of windows.
    Love your pumpkins and signs, all of it from last year, went to look at that post also. Great stuff, would you mind if try to copy things as much as I can as I won’t have same materials to work with. Happy Fall
    Did you sell everything at 3 craft shows? Hope so. You make such cute stuff.

    If you decide to reply please do so to my email address

  2. Heather

    How in the world to you cut your stencils so the middles stay in (like the middle of the a, the e, the o) I cannot for the life of me figure that out! Very cute idea by the way!

    • Cyndee

      I cut my stencils using my Cricut cutter. Before I remove the cut card stock from the mat I weed out the parts I don’t want. I then cut slivers of masking tape and make little bridges between the centers I want to keep and the outer edges of the letters. When everything is finally connected I remove the whole thing from the mat. You might think they would be pretty fragile, but most of my stencils I have used at list a dozen times (and still counting). I’m sure I’ll have to replace them eventually, but I haven’t had to yet.

    • sue

      I have tried and tried with my new cricut air to make stencils..there is some weld and slice thing but I can’t find any help to do it..masking tape sounds hard but may try it


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