1. Sandi Allen

    Love these! I also paint on records, the snowmen I painted this year on records have a hat on. I painted some last year without the hat and in the middle circle to cover the label….then I added in writing, Frosty’s Greatest Hits or Frosty The Snowman. I didn’t write a tutorial either. You can check them out on my Blog. The Primitive Skate.

  2. JaneEllen

    Leave it to you to find way to salvage records. This is so awesome, so cute. I had to go over to see your pallet snowman, want to do one also. Do you sand down your pallets? You are great painter also. What do you charge for something like that at a show? Hubs made a tree yesterday but didn’t make it way I had in mind. He always has to do what he wants. What do you charge for your trees? By size or all the same?
    Please reply to email address

    • Cyndee

      The pallet I used was already pretty smooth. No sanding was needed. That may not be the same for every pallet. Pricing? Well, for me it has always depended on location. When I lived in Denver I could charge a lot more than I do now…living in a small town…You might try checking out a few local shows and facebook pages of local crafters.


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