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  1. JaneEllen

    Hi Cyndee Love these little trees, perfect for porch, yard. So easy and fairly quick to make. We’ve got all kinds of scrap pieces if we can keep dog from chewing them up. He thinks any scrap is his to chew up all over the yard. Will have to put scraps in a box up high to keep him from snagging them.
    These are so cute and you made them look so rustic, that’s a big plus. Might even drill holes to put some lights in one or two of them, make a mini forest of trees.
    You always make cutest projects. I’ll be watching your blog from now on even more carefully for projects to make.
    I’m starting to wonder if we’ll have any snow this year, still so nice out, low 60’s, even have back door open and can hang laundry out if I get it out early enuf to dry. Will be whatever it will be, nature is boss. Got some of my sweaters out, want to be able to wear them.
    Happy weekend
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