1. JaneEllen

    There you go again, you’re moving but are able to make things that are delightful. Good luck to you. Wish I was close I’d help you as we’ve moved so many times I could almost do it in my sleep. Due to not always having the corrected type of moving materials learned to use things that would be packed.
    I love those snowmen lamps. So darned adorable. I would love to find some of those. I missed post with chenille pumpkins but these are something I’d so love ot have. Would make cute arrangement out on bakers rack on front porch. Poor old discarded bakers rack.
    At least you’re moving in same town, usually our moves are across country. Not anymore tho, hubs says we’re too old to move, maybe he is (73) but not me (74). I’d love to move back to MT or Tucson, (maybe not, it’s so hot there).
    Have as great a Thanksgiving as you can Cyndee, glad you found a house more suited to your family.
    We’ve lived in our travel trailer for months a few times and you sure learn what to do without. It was a 24 ft. rv with bunks in back and they came in very handy for storage. It was 1979 trailer, I really miss it. We lived in it longest for 10 months in Grand Junction when we first moved here.
    Happy days

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