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  1. JaneEllen

    Those are so great, are they heavy and hard to hang? Do you have to use heavier hanging apparatus? I’m printing out couple pages so I can see how you placed the stencil pieces. Think I might have couple cupboard doors out in shed. Hope so. We’re going to be in a craft show on 12/13 so I’m mining ideas and this is great one. Mostly thought I’d do smaller things like signs, whatever I can find that isn’t too labor intensive. Have lots of Christmas stencils.
    So glad you shared this project, you do such great things, they always look so professional. You have a great imagination.
    So you have snow? Not us yet, cold out but no snow, darnit. I love the snow, looking out to see snow gets me more in mood for holidays. Well better get busy finding my cupboard doors and deciding which stencils to use. No money til 26th. so can’t go buying anymore. I’ve gotten bunch of ideas from holiday hop last night. Hopefully I have most materials needed to make them. Where do you keep all your materials at your new house? When I’m in crafting frenzy I tend to have things in kitchen and all over my crafting room. I do lot of work on my kitchen island. Where do you do most of your crafting?
    Better get to it instead of yakking on here huh? Happy season
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