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  1. JaneEllen

    I’ve been eyeing old sweaters at thrift stores, mostly our local thrift store as GW is too expensive. Should have made some of these for our craft show. Your stocking is a keeper, love that print. Will you be putting this stocking in your etsy store? The rick rack gives it little extra pizazz also, you just have the touch. Great project.
    How are you enjoying the newest house, lots more room for your “stuff”? Would love to hear from you, reply to my email address used on this comment.
    I’m finally on my new computer and it’s a beaut. Learning how to use it, is 8.1, 23″ screen and has Skype. Got it thru Fingerhut, only way I could get it besides saving forever so used my credit. Got my balance down to nothing before I charged pc. Worth it tho. Was finally able to get to my email today. Had it 4 weeks yesterday but hadn’t opened box til middle of this week due to getting ready for that craft show last Saturday. We had a very messy house to clean this last week, phewy am I glad we’ve finally gotten house done, was making me crazy, hate a dirty house but was clean or make things. Are you ever faced with that predicament?
    Happy Christmas to you and yours. Hard to believe it’s coming so soon. Have a wonderful holiday


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