1. JaneEllen

    I have some hankies from my Mom, wish I Had more. I Have several I bought in KY at antique sales. Last year I made a bathroom curtain with some of them. Time to take curtain apart to make couple hankie chicks maybe. Your chicks are so darned adorable. Where do you get all your incredible ideas to re purpose things? Some of hankies I have are very light and ready to tear. Wish hankies were made like the vintage tablecloths but then they’d be too scratchy for noses.
    I’ll be on lookout for vintage hankies now.
    I’ve seen hankies made into all kinds of things. Country home magazine used to feature them and some other zine, got great ideas from them. I made one little pillow cover on our bed by sewing a hankie on top of cover, but it’s getting pretty tattered so time to make new cover.
    You have several really nice ones with gorgeous prints/colors on them. Where you live must be hankie mecca.
    Have a great week


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