1. JaneEllen

    Wow Cyndee, Is there anything you can’t do? Teddy bears are so adorable. Is the price for the pattern or for the teddy bear itself? So cute, I want one. Also want those carrot bags. I love it all. Would buy one of everything at least if I could. Will have to wait til we get paid again. Can I put my order in and have you keep the teddy and carrot bags for me til 2/25? That’s our payday. Please let me know about price for teddy and carrot bags.

    If you choose to reply please do so to: FurryKidzPaperworx@gmail.com

    • Cyndee

      I don’t have the pattern for sale at this time. I haven’t typed it up yet. Right now it is a bunch of hand written scribbled notes. I do hope to have it completed within the month. Thanks for asking.


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