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  1. paperworx4seniors2

    My hands seem to have mind of their own today, am little shaky after running hubs to VA, thought he was having another stroke. It’s a long ride from our house to VA hospital. Hence why you haven’t gotten your pay for adorable items you were so nice to reserve for me. He wasn’t having a stroke but they decided to adjust his meds. His blood pressure was thru roof again. Scares bejabers out of me.
    You have such a great talent and knack for making things people want where you live, don’t know what in heck people here want. No distressing, no this, no that color. Think it’s just me, can’t seem to get hang of it here.
    Your shamrock signs are great Cyndee, who knew so many people did like St. Pats day? Sure glad for you after all your hard work making that stuff in the cold. You must have one heck of a huge wood pile with lots of good stuff.
    Ok gonna go see if I can get your money sent without screwing it up. Have great weekend. We’re supposed to get about 6″ of snow but as always will believe what I see..


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