1. paperworx4seniors2

    Loving your signs, one of my favorite things. Do you feel you get money’s worth out of your circuit? I’d love to have one but the price is big problem for me. Using black paint is perfect, the words show up so well on glass with black frames, You are so talented.
    Was having problems with internet again last night, couldn’t get thru to leave comment on your Easter eggs and bunny signs, love those also, wish we had way to sell them. People here don’t like so many things, it’s hard to know what to make. Mostly we just make things for us Hubs says he’s tired of making things to sit in shed or other storage. We could use the extra money so I could buy a cricut. What made you buy a cricut instead of other machines? Is it the new cricut?
    Hubs has some money but he’s using it to get things fixed around here like our roof, I got a new rug but that’s it, has to keep what’s left for other fixers needed.
    We looked at a new mfg. home other day but just too much money. We have manageable payment and 3.25% now so don’t want to lose that. We started out at 6.75% and almost $900 a month for payment but we were both working then. We’ve refinanced 3 times in last few years. Neither one of us can work anymore so it makes big difference as to what we can do to improve our standard of living.
    Hope you have great weekend. Love all your new creations, excellent as always.

  2. Dennis R Mullins Sr

    I love your signs. I made one when I got one of my dogs that past away from cancer the says Dogs Talk With There Tale’s Penny and Bucky it is hanging in my bedroom so I see it every morning.

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