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  1. JaneEllen

    Hi Cyndee How have you been? Love both chair and stand/shelf. You are so clever making lining for picnic basket. I store videos in one of my picnic baskets, all of them gotten at great vintage/antique shows in little town called Smith’s Grove north east of Bowling Green, KY. Sure miss that little town, so much vintage/antique goodness to be had for “affordable to me” prices.
    I have been taking care of hubs after his partial knee replacement last week (4/28). He’s doing pretty well, goes to have staples out tomorrow a.m. So have been doing all his chores, taking care of chickens and trying to get time/energy to do my chores.
    Was off internet all last week pretty much due to new pc being down (more like I didn’t know what to do to get it going) so put it away over weekend and am using old 7.0 windows now. Too much going on with hubs, just don’t have presence of mind to deal with pc.
    Daughter said she’d help me but whenever I’d ask was too busy (granddaughter graduating next week), and when I just mentioned it she’d get all huffy. I don’t need any more bull so just resigned myself to putting new one away for while or til I can afford to have our computer fixer lady come over.
    You’ve found some great deals at yard sales lately, glad for you. The Midwest and East are best areas to get good stuff.
    Keep up good work and enjoy all your goodies.
    Happy weekend


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