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  1. JaneEllen

    I have got to make some of these but first have to get room cleared out so I can get to sewing machine. I’d die for you to see my sewing room, bad girl me. Have hardly used my new sewing machine due to clutter. Don’t tell please. Been in sewing mood again lately so better get my butt in gear.
    Finally stopped raining here as of Friday, Amen. I don’t feel like doing much of anything when it’s yucky out. Still raining there? Hope not but doesn’t seem to stop you from keeping busy. My front hall will be a mess but that’s price of decluttering.
    Your coasters are so darned cute and look easy. hope so. If not I’ll have to paint some cork squares I got at Jo-Ann’s. But I will take a crack at them. How do you think up all these wonderful things you make? Another ?, what kind of metal did you use last year to make those flags?
    I’m so behind reading blog posts, just can’t seem to get going. Happy week


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