1. nancy

    I’m so jealous of all you bloggers across the country who are complaining about rain, rain, rain, and here in California we’re dry, dry, dry….may I have a glass of water, please? Nice wood pile!

  2. JaneEllen

    If it’s any consolation it’s been raining here all blasted month and more to come here too. Even whole Memorial weekend. Was nicer here yesterday but always threat of rains to come per clouds hovering and wind. I am very sick of rain, can’t even hang out laundry anymore. Had just finished hanging load and it came down hard. Usually if there’s clouds and wind blowing it’ll blow them another direction. Of course not this time. Was so wet basket was too heavy to carry and my shoes were one muddy mess. About time yard starts to dry out it rains –again –, ready to move to Tucson. Been lots cooler when we get shower too. Have had hail few times. Craziest May we can remember. Sure glad we got our nice new metal roof on in time.
    Your garden plot looks great as well as your tidy wood pile. What will you be planting? Do you have trouble with bugs in your wood pile? Hope not. One of nice things about having chickens is they eat any bugs in yard which grows like weeds, looks like jungle out there again.
    Now that hubs is doing so well after his knee surgery I can get back to doing some crafting again. Been working on making paper flowers from LiaGriffith. com blog. She has so much awesome stuff on her blog.
    Try to have good week.


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