1. paperworx4seniors2

    CONGRATS Cyndee So happy for you to have this new avenue to explore. Love the fabric and idea of a-line pattern for skirts. Been thinking about making myself some simple skirts for summer. Don’t go anywhere in shorts anymore, my old legs have shown their better days too many times besides my gorgeous knee replacement scars, gained some weight over winter, ugh. Too many orders of Burger Kings french fries and ice cream cones. Yes I eat ice cream in winter, any time I can get it. Love their darned crunchy salty french fries. sigh
    Will you be charging for patterns? Just thought I’d ask.
    Well it’s time to go get our ice cream. They tend to spoil us at our local Bk, we’re well known and they give us extras like choc sauce on our ice cream or bigger cones. No wonder have gotten fatter, lol, but do I say no thanks, nope.
    Have great July 4th.

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