1. Janet

    Thank you for this post. I was considering the Win 10 upgrade from the Win 7. Don’t think I will now. Hope you can get all your programs restored.

    • Cyndee

      I had a lot backed up, but since my fix required a new 7 install, I am in the process of reinstalling programs so that my backup info has a home again. I’m getting there. I should have read all the testimonials before I upgraded. I usually do on upgrades, but the hype clouded my judgement. I feel so stupid about that.

  2. paperworx4seniors2

    Uh oh, I was going to get my win 8.1 out and upgrade to 10 as our tech lady advised but not so sure want to do that now. It’s kinda like win 8.1, sounds good but when you get into it, oh boy what a can of worms, unless you’re whole lot more tech savvy than I am. That’s why I’m back to using win 7 again after wrestling and being ready to toss 8.1 out window with many not nice words.
    My daughter had called and guess I sounded like I was ready for breakdown so she told me to go back to win 7. She knows of my struggles with 8.1. Why in heck Microsoft had to go messing around with a good thing who knows. 8.1 to me anyway, was so complicated with apps, and other “stuff”.
    I had gone into their sort of how-to’s for win 8.1 but was still very confused. They tell you to do things but then not how?ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Was going to give this pc to hubs as he’s been using my XP but there’s no program to keep him virus free anymore for it. Will have to think on it. What’s wrong with 7 and 8.0/1? The old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?
    Love your tomato, looks so good, want to sink teeth into it with some pepper to eat it right up. When I was much younger, we still lived in Clevland, my Mom’s family (all 7 of them with spouses, kids) shared a huge garden out in Akron,OH between one of my aunts and cousins. Aunt on one side and cousin on other. Anyway can remember picking tomatoes, eat them right there in field. I was 10 (1950) when we moved to Tucson and it was couple years before that. My brother had asthma so bad he was same size as me and he’s exactly 5 yrs. older than I am so we moved to Tucson for his health. Then my Dad got asthma really bad in Tucson in his late 50’s. My oldest son got asthma when he was 2 in Tucson, was constantly having to run him to emergency from bad asthma attacks.
    I’d love to make that back pack but might be while. This summer just can’t seem to get into crafting or sewing. When Fall and Winter get here will be much more in mood for ways to help pass time. Who knows what kind of winter we’ll have this year, was very mild last year. It will be what it will be, no matter what we want huh? Take care and don’t work too hard, hope you got your projects done on time regardless of hateful computers.

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