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  1. JaneEllen

    Has been over month since I’ve been online or able to read blog posts. Have new windows 10 laptop, decided to bite bullet, gave up on upgrading other pc’s to 10, not worth headaches or having nervous breakdown changing either of them. Still had credit with Fingerhut so ordered new pc, now have to get new printer as one I had for 8.1 not compatible with windows 10. Hope can sell 2 other printers.
    Love your new craft, have wanted to try metal stamping but not in hurry to buy new tools to try it. Have a whopper bill for physical therapy to pay. Humana was bought out last year and they down graded program I was on, OUCH!
    Have bill with hospital to pay also, phew. Such fun but will just have to pay as I go.
    Don’t work too hard now. happy week


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